FRIDAY 10th JULY 2009
Time Topic Venue Speakers
12.30pm Registration Open. Collection of Conference bags WRCC Foyer /Retail Space
1.25pm Welcome and introduction to the Summit and acknowledgement of sponsors WRCC Foyer/Retail Space Michael Walker
Keynote address "The Music Industry: where do you fit in?" With new technology, part time musicians and composers are able to enter the music business. Learning how it works is important. WRCC Auditorium Mark Callaghan as keynote.
Sponsored by AMPAL
2.30pm Connect@APRA. What APRA and AMCOS can do for you WRCC Auditorium Emma Carton
Sponsored by APRA
3.30pm Afternoon break and informal discussion WRCC Foyer
4.00pm Publishing - Understanding Copyright, and your Intellectual Property. A practical session which will explain all! WRCC Auditorium Kim Green, Mark Callaghan, Deb Suckling. Moderator
5.15pm Cash Bar Open, informal discussion and networking WRCC Foyer Showcase ROCKon Song Awards entries
Sponsored by Fosters
6.00pm Pilbeam Theatre box office open Pilbeam Theatre Foyer RRC staff
6.30pm Private Function for VIPs, sponsors and presenters. Music by CQU jazz musicians Rockhampton Art Gallery
7.30pm Official Launch Pilbeam Theatre Launch speaker to be confirmed.
7.40pm Showcase performances from the ROCKon Song Awards winning artist, and a sneak preview from remix wiz DJ Climax Pilbeam Theatre
8.30pm-9.00pm Interval Pilbeam Theatre
9.00pm - 10.10pm + encores GANGgajang Concert -Featuring the original lineup and playing all the hits, including "Sounds of Then (This is Australia), "Trust" and more Pilbeam Theatre
9.00am Registration open & lunch orders taken WRCC Foyer
10.00am Keynote address. "Music and the Community" WRCC Auditorium Bill Hauritz
10.30am Morning break and informal discussion WRCC Foyer Showcase ROCKon Song Awards on house sound system in background
10.45am "Managing your band". Band member agreements, public liability, budgets, marketing, and professional basics. Understanding how your band is a business and defining the business structure of your band, we'll discuss types of business entities, band agreements, expenses, budgeting, tax deductions and ownership of your band as a brand. When do you need a professional manager? What is a standard management agreement? WRCC Auditorium Chris Bailey, Deb Suckling, Graham Ashton, David French. Moderator Bill Hauritz
Sponsored by Capricorn Investment Partners
12.00pm GANGgajang singer and song writer Mark Callaghan speaks with Emma Carton. WRCC Auditorium Mark Callaghan with Emma Carton
Sponsored by APRA
1.15pm Lunch WRCC Foyer Showcase ROCKon Song Awards entries
2.00pm Song awards critique & song writing workshop. What makes a good song, what do the professionals look for in a song, and how can you make your song better? WRCC Auditorium Mark Opitz, Buzz Bidstrup, Bill Riner, Mark Callaghan. Moderator Deb Suckling
3.30pm Afternoon break: WRCC Foyer Showcase ROCKon Song Awards entries
4.00pm Breakout workshop
1 "Event management and opportunities". From small local gigs to major festivals and conferences. WRCC Gallery (Ground Level) Bill Hauritz, Stephen Green, Anthea Curtis, Tim Price, Moderator Craig Zonca
2 Practical Workshop: Getting the most out of your rhythm section. Drummer Buzz Bidstrup and bass player Chris Bailey, from the bands, GANGgaJANG and The Angels, talk about how they get their sound, and how the rhythm section can make your song even better. WRCC Auditorium Buzz Bidstrup, Chris Bailey
Sponsored by Green Brothers
3 Practical Workshop: Geoff Stapleton (keyboards) and Robbie James (guitar) from GANGgajang talk about their experiences as musicians, record producers and arrangers and provide practical application. WRCC Level 2 Rockhampton Youth Orchestra Room Geoff Stapleton and Robbie James
Sponsored by Green Brothers
5.00pm- 6.00pm Cash Bar Open WRCC Foyer Showcase ROCKon Song Awards entries
Sponsored by Fosters
7.00pm Cash Bar and ticket sales. Evening program included in day pass. Extra tickets may be available at the door $10 WRCC Foyer
7.30pm Grayson Cooke presents an audio reactive visual experience using extracts from Hitchcock films WRCC Auditorium Grayson Cooke Sponsored by CQUniversity Creative Music Technology.
8.00pm Grayson Cooke and CQUniversity musicians present "Live Cinema" an avant audio-visual feast WRCC Auditorium Grayson Cooke & the Derrin Kerr Session.
Sponsored by CQUniversity Creative Music Technology.
8.45pm "A Piss in the Ocean" An independent short film on the influence of punk in Rockhampton's indy music scene WRCC Auditorium Jim Douglas
9.30pm Live Music by CQUniversity Jazz and Contemporary musicians. Cash Bar open WRCC Retail Space
9.00pm Rock Finalists from ROCKon Song Awards O'Dowd's Hotel To Be Advised
10.00pm Remix engineer DJ Climax performing a live set Heritage Hotel Max Bidstrup
Sponsored by the Heritage Hotel
9.00am Registration open & lunch orders taken WRCC Foyer
10.00am Sync or swim. Writing for film and television: the process of writing, producing and licensing. Includes a discussion on other avenues of synchronization. WRCC Auditorium Kim Green, Buzz Bidstrup, Mark Callaghan. Moderator Stephen Green
10.45am Morning break: WRCC Foyer
11.00am "The Importance of Music in Film" A special screening of the new hard hitting movie all the critics are raving about "Samson and Delilah" followed by a discussion from the film's Music Supervisor Kim Green.
NOTE: Seats limited to 150. Book early or miss out
WRCC Auditorium Kim Green
Sponsored by Rocky Flix
1.00pm Lunch Break
1.45pm The Age of REASON. Join dance remix engineer DJ Climax for a workshop on the digital music software program REASON WRCC Auditorium Max Bidstrup
2.45pm Paddock to the Plate Part 1 - Recording and Production: How to turn your music into a reality. Mark Opitz, Buzz Bidstrup and Mark Callaghan talk about taking your musical ideas through the production process and a music industry maze to the market. Together with marketing expert, Dew Process's Graham Ashton, this informal forum will provide a unique perspective from some of the industry greats. WRCC Auditorium Mark Opitz, Mark Callaghan, Graham Ashton. Moderator Buzz Bidstrup.
Sponsored by CQUniversity Creative Music Technology
4.00pm Afternoon Break WRCC Foyer
4.30pm Paddock to the Plate Part 2: How to get your song out there! Radio, Digital Marketing, and the new wave of sync!! Are there physical boundaries, or is the "world your oyster?" Is the new order going to be the same old, same old? Get a reality check, a lotto ticket , or is there another way - where do you fit in? WRCC Auditorium Mark Opitz, Bill Riner, Stephen Green, Tim Price, Moderator Deb Suckling
Sponsored by Q Music and Musicadium
6.00pm Showcase Performance by US Gospel singer Freda and Success WRCC Auditorium Freda and Success Sponsored by The Open Gate Church
6.30pm - 8.00pm Cash bar open: Farewell drinks and nibbles WRCC Foyer Sponsored by Fosters